News on the go: March 20, 2013

Maura Zurick

The Statue of Liberty, closed since Superstorm Sandy damaged the island where it resides, will reopen to the public some time before the July 4, officials said Tuesday. The storm caused major damage to the facilities that support the statue; however, the statue itself was not damaged.

The exact date for the reopening has not been announced.

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A federal jury reached a verdict Tuesday in a case involving three alleged members of an American Indian gang. The gang is called Native Mob and was accused of running a criminal enterprise that terrorized people in the Upper Midwest. The verdict has not yet been announced. The gang has been accused of attempted murder, among other crimes. The 2011 National Gang Threat Assessment called the Native Mob one of the largest and most violent American Indian gangs.

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Nearly 41 people died in a suicide car bomb in Nigeria. The attack happened at a bus station in a Christian neighborhood in Kano, northern Nigeria’s busiest commercial center. Officials said, Tuesday, Islamic extremists are responsible for the bombing. More than 44 other people were injured after the explosion. The bombing happened around 5 p.m. Monday.

The 16-year-old girl who was raped by two Ohio high school football players has been receiving death threats against her on Twitter, the Ohio attorney general said Tuesday. Two girls have been arrested and charged with sending these death threats.

All information is from The Associated Press.

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