Letter to the Editor: Stop advertising strip clubs

Kristina Decker

This year, I have taken great enjoyment in keeping up with the Daily Kent Stater with its smart and informative articles — that is, until recently, when I have been shocked to find ongoing advertisements for a strip club in our university newspaper. I do not have a problem with strip clubs; however, I do find a huge problem that it is now being advertised in one of the most public reflections of Kent State University.

The advertisements include pictures of porn stars and a coupon for admission, which in my mind can be inferred as the Kent Stater directly endorsing a strip club. There is a place for these advertisements, and I believe it is not in our student paper, printed next to an advertisement celebrating Kent State’s outstanding researchers and academic minds, as it was Monday. I believe there should be nothing printed in our university paper that you would not want the parents of our students seeing, and I do not think this is an appropriate reflection of our students or our university.

It is a shame that a strip club is now part of the cheapened image of the Kent Stater, and I am sad to say that I am no longer a reader. Our only student newspaper should report the news across campus, the city of Kent and our world as it always has as well as promoting the success of our students, and opt out of running advertisements for strippers and porn stars. This is the Daily Kent Stater, not the classifieds in Cosmopolitan.

— Kristina Decker, senior psychology major