Students solve mystery at rec center’s Speakeasy Soiree

Matt Orszag

The Kent State Student Recreation and Wellness Center hosted a Speakeasy Soiree Friday, a free event that was open to all Kent State students.

The 1920s gangster-themed event included shows at 7 p.m. and 10 p.m.

Dim lighting with red spotlights was set up at the corners to create a romantic atmosphere. A jazz band played in the background as students were shown to their seats. The students sat down to a heart-shaped notepad and rose petals at each table for the murder mystery dinner. Some sipped on Shirley Temple mocktails.

The students then formed teams to work together to identify the killer at the end of the night.

As seats began to fill, the performers began mingling with audience members who introduced themselves. Some students were asked to be part of the show and given a portfolio to study. Each portfolio gave the student a character and background information to act in the performance.

When the show began, the characters introduced themselves to the audience.

Lauren Mazza and Kyle Buttermore were two of the performers. Buttermore portrayed a milkman.

“I was really nervous at first,” Buttermore said. “I became more comfortable as the night carried on and just tried to add to the fun. It was also great to see everyone having a good time and playing such cool characters.”

As the night went on, the main character was murdered and the remaining characters became suspects, which gave students the chance to investigate which character was guilty. Audience members began to ask performers questions between each act with his or her notepad, attempting to find out important information.

The night continued with a dinner including salad, choice of lasagna and a chocolate fountain with cake.

By the end of the night, each team then wrote out its guess of who the murderer was and the motive. Awards for best actress and actor were given out, as well as a winner for the team that chose the correct murderer and motive.

Buttermore won best actor, and Mazza, who portrayed an 88-year-old woman, won best actress. She said she had a lot of fun during the show.

“It was so much fun getting to be someone I wasn’t for the night,” Mazza said. “I think the show itself was great too, everyone seemed to have a great time.”

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