RecycleMania begins accepting electronics

Katie Nix

Kent State will continue to participate in the RecycleMania competition as it moves into a new phase titled E-cycleMania, which begins Wednesday and goes until Mar. 30.

In this new phase, students, faculty and the rest of the community can donate used personal electronics at the University Facilities Services Building, which can be reached on Jackson Drive.

“I think it’s nice that some of these items can be repurposed and even reused in schools,” said Nicole Corll, business manager for University Facilities Management in a university press release. “It’s good knowing that this stuff won’t be sitting in a dumpster. From what I’ve heard, I think we’ll have a big turnout.”

The following items are eligible to be turned in: personal computers, laptop computers, servers and storage devices, miniframe equipment, monitors, docking stations, floppy drives, DVD/CD burners, circuit boards, scanners, copiers, printers, cables, wires and extension cords, digital cameras, cellular phones, DVD players and VCRs.

Televisions will not be accepted.

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