News On The Go: March 4, 2013

Leighann McGivern

Queen Elizabeth II of England was hospitalized Sunday after experiencing symptoms of gastroenteritis, according to Buckingham Palace officials. The queen was taken to King Edward VII’s hospital in London as a means of precaution, and she is being kept for two days. Otherwise, she is said to be in good health.

The former archbishop of Scotland apologized Sunday for his “sexual conduct” in light of sexual abuse allegations against him. Cardinal Keith O’Brian is suspected of sexual abuse against four men studying to become priests in the 1980s. He apologized to those he offended and the Catholic church. He resigned last month from the position of archbishop.

A car crash in New York killed two expectant parents on their way to the hospital early Sunday morning. The couple was pronounced dead at separate hospitals following the accident, but the baby was delivered via cesarean section and is currently in critical condition. The couple was riding in a cab in Brooklyn when a BMW crashed into the cab from the rear and fled the scene. The cab driver is in stable condition, and police continue to search for the driver of the BMW.

A 2-year-old Mississippi girl became the first child to be functionally cured of HIV, which means the presence of the virus is now so small that lifelong treatment will not be necessary and traditional blood tests cannot detect it. Researchers believe early intervention is key, and in this case, the child was administered three antiviral drugs within 30 hours of birth. The cured toddler was born HIV positive to a mother who didn’t know she was HIV positive until just before delivery.

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