Fulbright Scholar encourages young people to participate in activism

Kara Taylor

Louis Mendy, Fulbright Scholar and member of Amnesty International, spoke with students Thursday about Amnesty International and how they can contribute to human rights activism.

Mendy joined as an Amnesty International member 20 years ago as a human rights activist.

“Young people are very important to the Amnesty International movement,” Mendy said.

Founded in 1961, Amnesty International’s vision is to promote a world in which everyone, regardless of their religion, gender or race, enjoys basic human rights. Mendy said the main goal is to stop the violations of human rights, such as the right to think, live and worship.

During the speech, an exercise was passed around to the students. The exercise required the students to work in groups and discuss human rights violations. While working in groups, the students discovered different ways to recognize human rights violations and how to help people.

“Every day I witness discrimination, and I want to find a way to bring awareness to people,” Lorianna Clarke, senior art history major, said. “It’s nice to have group outside of major to discuss these issues with.”

“Never underestimate what you can do for others,” Mendy said. “We must be real activists.”

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