PRIDE! Kent to host “It Gets Better” workshop

Kelsey Leyva

PRIDE! Kent will be hosting an “It Gets Better” workshop Thursday at 8 p.m. in the Governance Chambers of the Kent State Student Center.

The purpose of the workshop is to reinforce the idea to those who feel alone or isolated that that feeling is only temporary. The event will include a presentation about the It Gets Better Project, a screening of It Gets Better videos and the opportunity for people to create an It Gets Better video and/or poster.

“Our plan was to give them [the posters] to different high schools,” said Parker Anderson, freshman psychology major and Director of Membership Affairs for PRIDE! Kent. “We want to spread the message that it does get better, especially to kids in high schools who feel alone.”

For more information, contact Anderson at [email protected].

Kelsey Leyva is the diversity reporter for the Daily Kent Stater. Contact Kelsey Leyva at [email protected].