TV2 Sports: Best Sporting Event to take a date on

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The TV2 Sports Team shared their opinion on the best sporting event to take a date on.

Ty Sugick (Thursday Web Sports Anchor)

Baseball would have to be the best. The game may get a little boring at times but it always seems to be the more romantic sporting even to go to.

Cris Ross (TV2 Sports Reporter)

NBA All-Star Game in Houston,Texas. Celebration, the best basketball players, and some good seats would make this event is the best choice for a date this weekend. With this weekend date you’ll see the Rising Star game, all the contests and the All-Star game. On top of that maybe going to a romantic restaurant like the “Rainbow Lodge” in Houston and some sight seeing to make this weekend enjoyable for the both of you.

Zach Harley (Monday Flashcast Sports Anchor)

Easily baseball games. It’s outside on a summer night, plus there’s fireworks. No other sport has that summer atmosphere.

Jacob Corcoran (Sports Corner Anchor)

You want to impress a significant other with a sporting event? Take them to an event that they will remember. Monster Jam. Baseball games are a dime a dozen. You’ll have plenty of chances to take a date to a game of any kind. Monster truck rallies are not only memorable, they are fun!

Jon Jankowski (Sports Director)

Baseball, just sit back and relax under the stars or enjoy a nice day game and catch some sun. Football is too intense, so is hockey and basketball doesn’t get going until there are ten minutes left in the game.

Andy Jardy (Friday Sports Anchor)

Easily a Tribe game. Nothing makes things easier than a warm summer evening and a Kiss Cam on the Jumbo-tron! Not to mention Tribe tickets are affordable.

Sean Barie (Tuesday Sports Anchor)

Honestly, It might depend on what sport your date likes. However, if they don’t have a strong favorite, take them to to a hockey game! It’s the perfect date! Think about it. Cuddling in a movie theater is just awkward. There is really no reason to. Now just think of a hockey game. There is a GIANT ice cube just feet from you! Your date will be in your arms faster than you can say “Sid the Kid.” Add a little bit of hot chocolate or maybe a few Molsons and you have yourself a perfect date.

Michelle Warner (TV2 Sports Reporter)

I love going to sporting events with my man. My favorite sport to go to is definitely a Tigers game because I love sitting outside on a warm summer evening with a beer. Red Wings games are also fun and a great way to break the ice!

Rich Pierce (Sports Corner Anchor)

The answers to this question should be unanimous. The best sporting event to take a date to is a baseball game – preferably a night game. Baseball is the great drama of sports. It has emotional highs and lows. It has tense moments and moments of levity. Plus, there is enough down time during a game to really talk to your date and connect. When the sun goes down, there is no more gorgeous scene than a ballpark at night.

Gabriel Kramer (Wednesday Sports Anchor)

Best sporting event to take a date would be a Cavaliers game. An Indians game could get too hot and the Dawg Pound is a little too wild for a date. Ahmad Crump and Moondog make it a party and the pre-game pyrotechnics are amazing. The only downfall is the pricey tickets. Go Cavs.

Cory York (Monday Sports Anchor)

The best sporting event to take a date on is hands down a baseball game. There is a lot of down time in the game so you have the ability to have a conversation with your girl and not miss much action. If the girl is not well versed in sports it is easy to explain what is happening in the game. Plus, who doesn’t like baseball?

Michelle Hennon (Thursday Flashcast Sports)

The best sporting event to take a date would be a hockey game, as long as the date is a fan of the sport. Hockey venues are rather quiet and you don’t have to stand and yell the whole time. The game is fairly easy to follow and if the date is just not working out, she can always pay attention to the cute players on the ice.

Justin Rockhold (Sports Reporter)

Basketball. The kiss cam is a basketball game original. Basketball.

Glenn Bolich (Sports Reporter)

Hockey is the best sport to go with a date. It is fast paced and always exciting to watch. Other sports are too slow and it’s important to keep your girl interested. Plus they have a kiss cam during intermission which is always a plus.

Candace Monacelli(Sports Reporter)

For me a baseball game would be the best sporting event to take a date. Baseball games offer a fun atmosphere and easy environment for a date. Also if the game gets really close then its exciting. I enjoy baseball and love going to Indians games on dates and making the whole night of the game.

Alison Reilly(Sports Reporter)

Well, being a huge sports girl, I would want a guy to take me to a football or basketball game, where there’s usually constant energy from the fans and it’s more fast-paced. However, if a girl is not all that into sports, I would take her to a baseball game. It’s usually a more relaxed setting, and not as fast-paced, so both of you can just enjoy the entertainment and being there together without getting all riled-up. Plus, who doesn’t like peanuts and cracker jacks?


Baseball 8 Votes

Basketball 3 Votes

Hockey 3 Votes

Football 1 Vote

Monster Jam 1 Vote

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