Fitzpatrick will continue teaching, says university statement

Celia Fernandez

Adjunct professor Daniel P. Fitzpatrick pleaded guilty to felony drug and weapons charges on Jan. 28, 2013 and was sentenced to complete a one-year drug treatment. Since then Fitzpatrick has continued to teach as a justice studies instructor in the Sociology department.

Eric Mansfield, executive director of university media relations stated in an email Tuesday with regards to whether or not the university policy on conduct found in the Kent State employee resource manual applies to Fitzpatrick.

“The university’s human resources policies are designed to address employee conduct on campus and/or in the course of their duties. Mr. Fitzpatrick’s actions took place off campus and did not involve his employment with the university.”

Mansfield also went on to write that while the university does not condone this behavior, it accepts the court’s recommendation of treatment in lieu of conviction.

Fitzpatrick pleaded guilty while under contract with the university as an adjunct instructor and is currently teaching classes on the role of a police officer and the investigative process. He has worked part-time for the university since 1992.

“Mr. Fitzpatrick’s performance as an instructor has not been affected by these activities, and his student evaluations remain good. As such, Mr. Fitzpatrick remains an adjunct for the spring semester,” said Mansfield.

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