Our View: Keep calm and celebrate Valentine’s Day

DKS Editors

When you were in kindergarten, Valentine’s Day was about staying up past your bedtime to create the coolest Valentine’s box, browsing the aisles of cartoon valentine cards to find the perfect ones to pass out to your classmates and getting upset when your best friend bought the same “Power Rangers” valentines you bought.

Now, Valentine’s Day is the one day of the year when couples pretend to love each other more than usual and singles pretend they don’t care that they’re alone. Chances are, if you log into some form of social media today, you’re going to see dozens of statuses and tweets from people who are absolutely in love — or who claim they’d rather sit through a documentary about drying paint than be in a relationship. And then tomorrow, when the effects of Cupid’s magical arrows subside, the world will return to normal, and people will resume posting selfies and tweets about what they ate for lunch.

We’re not trying to dis on Valentine’s Day, but we do think it’s sort of silly that on this one day of the year, everyone has to be so blatantly open about their happiness or unhappiness with their love lives. It’s awesome that you love each other, but isn’t the point of a relationship to be with someone who makes you happy, not to make sure the entire world knows it, too? And if you genuinely are content to be an independent bachelor or bachelorette, then good for you, but your thread of statuses hating on relationships isn’t going to convince anyone that’s how you really feel.

So this Valentine’s Day, instead of rubbing your relationship (or lack thereof) in everyone’s faces, have a little fun. Buy some of those cheesy cartoon valentines for your friends, pass out chocolate in class or, if you’re feeling generous, visit a local nursing home and pass out goodie bags. Valentine’s Day is all about spreading the love, not shoving it down peoples’ throats.

The above editorial is the consensus opinion of the Daily Kent Stater editorial board.