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On Sports Corner this week Jake Corcoran had an exclusive interview with Kent State Running Back Trayion Durham.

Trayion Durham and Dri Archer both ran for more than a 1,000 yards last season. Sports Reporter Jon Jankowski wanted to find out if they are similar on the field and off the field. Below are twelve questions that Archer and Durham answered for TV2.

Batman or Superman: Archer: Batman, Durham: Superman

Kobe or Lebron: Archer: Kobe, Durham: Lebron

Ketchup or Mustard: Archer: Ketchup, Durham: Ketchup

Reese’s or Kit Kat: Archer: Kit Kat, Durham: Reese’s

Lay’s or Ruffles Archer: Lay’s, Durham: Lay’s

Steak or Chicken: Archer: Steak, Durham: Chicken

Salt or Pepper: Archer: Salt, Durham: Pepper

A1 Sauce or BBQ Sauce: Archer: BBQ, Durham: BBQ

Peanut Butter or Nutella: Archer: Peanut Butter, Durham: Peanut Butter

Beyonce or Rihanna: Archer: Beyonce, Durham: Beyonce

Jay Z or Kanye West: Archer: Jay Z, Durham: Jay Z

Best Way to Find the Endzone: Archer: “Giving Me the Ball”, Durham: “Run Through Them”

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