Kelsey Leyva

Queering History: The History of Influential Queer People of Color

Students at Kent State will have the opportunity to explore past queer revolutionaries in communities of color Wednesday at “Queering History: The History of Influential Queer People of Color.”

Members of Black United Students will present information about 10 historical queer people of color. The purpose of this program is to build a bridge between the two communities.

Roxie Patton, program coordinator for the LGBTQ Center, has played an active role in planning this event.

“There’s this myth out there in a lot of communities of color that LGBTQ issues are white issues and don’t exist within communities of color,” Patton said. “This was our way of reaching out in order to educate the community at large that there’s a long history of queer people of color who fought for civil rights, both for people of color and for LGBTQ people.”

The event will be from 6 p.m. to 7 p.m. in the multicultural lounge of the Kent State Student Center and is being sponsored by the LGBTQ Center and B.U.S.

“I’m really excited about it,” Patton said. “I hope a lot of people turn out for it.”

For more information, contact Patton at 330-672-8580 or [email protected]

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