Speaker to discuss how to change habits

Amanda Knauer

Cynthia Ackrill M.D., president and owner of WellSpark, will give a presentation Friday, Feb. 15 at 10 a.m. in the Kiva.

Ackrill will speak on “Habit Shifting – Why It Is So Hard to Make a Change, and How to Make it Easier; The Neuroscience of Behavior Change.”

“Our life is really comprised of what our thought habits and behavior habits are,” Ackrill said. “It’s really only a small percentage of what we do is cognitive and directed. A lot of this is habit and emotion. Getting more control gives us the ability to choose the life we want. It empowers us.”

As the owner of WellSpark, Ackrill coaches, consults and speaks about issues that have to do with leadership and well-being.

The event is open to faculty, staff and students. To those interested in attending the event, registration is requested and can be done online. click here to register

Those who cannot attend the session can watch it streamed live online here

Ackrill’s presentation is sponsored by the College of Nursing and Kent State OneWellU wellness program.

Amanda Knauer is the medicine reporter for the Daily Kent Stater. Contact Amanda Knauer at [email protected].