Opinion: Facebook plays matchmaker

Ryan Sampson

Ryan Sampson

Ryan Sampson is a senior architecture major and columnist for the Daily Kent Stater. Contact her at [email protected].

The period between Christmas and Valentine’s Day is dating-website high season, according to eHarmony vice president of customer experience Grant Langston. With Feb. 14 fast approaching, more and more people are turning to online dating in a digital age. In fact, I have been signed up for one of the world’s largest online dating sites since I was 15, and I’m pretty sure that I am not alone.

Facebook has soared in popularity since it debuted in 2004, now boasting more than a billion active members, and for years has connected individuals through a web of “friends,” creating connections around the world. Well, the site is no longer just dabbling in match-making, having created something called Graph Search, which will allow singles to search for a date, relationship or even just a hookup by using the personal information of friends of a friend. Great.

USA Today describes the service as having a “basket of dating tools,” including Poke — which shows similarities to Snapchat, featuring the ability to send images and messages that expire shortly after being received — and private messaging capabilities.

While Graph Search is only on a limited beta release, I browsed my own profile to see how I might fare in the world of online dating. You see, an advantage, or possible disadvantage, of looking for love through Facebook is the fact that people tailor their profiles in so many different ways. I have rid my page of extraneous clutter, including interests, hobbies or other favorite things, so how am I supposed to find a match if my unhealthy love for coffee is not listed online?

Additionally, thanks to a misconception among my friends that has absolutely no physical evidence to prove its validity, my Facebook wall is plastered with “cat lady” references and images, and my pictures contain myself making many an unattractive face or, if you search back far enough, even some involving a very unflattering marching band uniform.

While I do edit my page to an extent, I think that it gives a relatively realistic view of who I am, and the same could be said for many of my friends, which could be an upside for perspective mates because many dating site profiles are not as truthful.

If you are interested in using Facebook to find a relationship based on similar interests, Graph Search will allow you to sift through other singles based on movie preferences, music taste and favorite sports. Considering the fact that even an option such as pooping on the floor is an available interest, the possible searches are endless, and if you do choose to search using that particular filter, I can almost promise you that you’re going to find a guy or girl who is either forgetful or too trusting and has a group of friends with an interesting sense of humor.

So primp for that profile picture and update those hobbies; soon enough, someone might be looking for you.