Employees awarded for work in advancing university’s goals

Alicia Balog

Eight university employees received a $1,000 check from President Lester Lefton as part of the fourth President’s Excellence Award.

The award, started in 2009, recognizes full-time staff members at all campuses for their work toward advancing the university’s strategic goals, said Emily Vincent, director of university media relations.

The recipients were nominated for their work in at least one of the following goals:

  • Collaboration
  • Diversity and Inclusion
  • Effectiveness and Efficiency
  • Excellence in Customer Service
  • Serving as an Ambassador for the University
  • Student Success

“This is one way to recognize the people for the good work they are doing,” she said.

Once staff members are nominated and reviewed, finalists are chosen and sent to the president’s office for a final decision, Vincent said. Then Lefton surprises the recipients by visiting their department and handing them the award.

“It’s kind of like Publishers Clearing House where the president kind of surprises the person, and the coworkers are usually nearby,” Vincent said.

Vincent, who was a recipient of the award in 2010, said the award allows staff to feel appreciated for their work.

“It’s not everyday that you have people surprising you or a visit from President Lefton,” she said. “It’s just a feeling of shock and once it sinks in, you’re like ‘Wow, I’m being recognized for the work I did this past year.’”

According to the press release, this year’s recipients are:

  • Veronica Cook-Euell, supplier diversity program manager.

Nominated for: Diversity and Inclusion and Serving as an Ambassador for the University.

  • Marcy Curtiss, graduate secretary of computer science.

Nominated for: Effectiveness and Efficiency, Excellence in Customer Service and Student Success.

  • Thomas Farmer, maintenance repair worker in the Kent Student Center.

Nominated for: Serving as an Ambassador for the University.

  • Dan Karp, executive director of creative services.

Nominated for: Effectiveness and Efficiency.

  • Marlo Kibler, coordinator of university benefits.

Nominated for: Collaboration and Excellence in Customer Service.

  • Bryan Molnar, electronic technician supervisor.

Nominated for: Effectiveness and Efficiency.

  • Anissa Strickland, associate director of Student Financial Aid.

Nominated for: Collaboration.

  • Cheryl Tennant, academic program specialist.

Nominated for: Collaboration, Effectiveness and Efficiency and Excellence in Customer Service.

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