Kent leads nation in new sugar daddy membership



Grace Murray

With the initiation of the tuition plateau and the highest increase in tuition allowed by the state, Kent State University students are beginning to look for alternative methods to pay their bills. is an online sugar daddy dating website, which has experienced a 58 percent growth in college-aged members over the past year, with Kent State leading the nation in new sign ups, according to the website’s press release.

“The population of college Sugar Babies in Ohio has steadily increased every year,” said Brandon Wade, CEO of in the press release. “While some may argue women are just using men for their own personal gain, I believe that they are proactive in pursuing a higher education.”

The press release also stated Kent State is now the eleventh “fastest growing sugar baby school” after memberships increased by 123 percent.

“When I first found out, I think I was horrified,” said Dr. Clare Stacey, an associate sociology professor at Kent State. “But then I was not surprised, actually, because tuition has gone up exponentially, so students are desperate to pay for a college education.”

On average, “sugar babies” receive $3,000 a month, which is better than having to pay tuition out of their own pocket, said Leroy Velasquez, Public Relations Manager of

“These girls don’t want to be in debt when they get out of college,” Velasquez said, “and it’s mutually beneficial. Having a full-time job could interfere with school commitments, and sugar daddies can provide you with tips and networking possibilities, which a full-time job can’t necessarily provide.”

Stacey said she believes the increasing price of tuition is one of the main societal changes, which has led to the creation of websites such as, but the widespread use of the Internet has helped, as well.

“This age group, 18 to 22, has spent a lot of their adolescence experiencing relationships online,” Stacey said. “So it’s probably very normal for them to think about meeting people or trying to raise money for their education online.”

Though Rebecca Vanhorn, a sophomore communication studies major, is sympathetic as to why some students are turning to, she does not plan to use the website herself.

“I understand where these women are coming from; I myself have debt,” Vanhorn said, “but this is a whole new level. I think there are better ways to manage your money properly and successfully.”

However, Velasquez wanted to clear the misconception that only caters to women.

“We have a wide range of people who use this program. We even cater to the LGBT community,” Valesquez said. “There are sugar daddies that are looking for male sugar babies, and we have sugar mommies as well.”

John, a junior at Kent State whose name has been changed to protect his identity, said he had a sugar daddy for approximately a month, though they did not meet on

“I decided to get one because it’s nice to have someone ‘mature,’ and to buy you nice things,” John said. “He’s not mine anymore because I basically realized money wasn’t making me happy.”

Though John does not currently have a sugar daddy, he has not dismissed the idea altogether.

“I would get another again,” he said, “but I actually have to be attracted to him not only emotionally but also physically because daddies have a different mindset, which can cause incompatibilities. I would recommend a sugar daddy to everyone, just once.”

Stacey expects membership in and similar websites to grow.

“A lot of people spend the majority of their lives online,” Stacey said. “This isn’t going to go away.”

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