WKSU hires new general manager


Daniel Skinner is the new general manager for the National Public Radio affiliate WKSU. Photo by Brian Smith

Lyndsey Schley

WKSU’s new general manager Daniel Skinner began work at the radio station Jan. 2.

89.7 WKSU is a National Public Radio station that broadcasts news, classical music, folk and other programs to 20 Ohio counties and western Pennsylvania, according to wksu.org.

“WKSU had a great reputation in the public radio system,” Skinner said. “My goal is to see what I can do to help the radio station and all of its services improve and reach new levels of success.”

Skinner has been in the radio business since 1974, he said. He started working in public radio in 1980 and worked his way up to become a general manager. He has been a general manager for the last 20 years, the first 14 of those at Purdue University and the last six in San Antonio, Texas.

“I’ve spent most of my career at universities and college towns,” Skinner said. “I think there’s lots of things that WKSU and Kent State University can be proud of that has been accomplished here, and I’m just excited about what we can accomplish in the future.”

As a general manager, Skinner’s job will be to oversee the various directors at the station, such as the news director and the membership director, he said.

“I heard someone once say, and I really love this phrase, that public radio is a gift we give each other,” Skinner said. “I do my part, you as a listener [or] as a donor do your part and together we create something that’s really incredible, something that I believe really has the power to enrich our lives, to really change people’s lives and create positive change in the world.”

WKSU’s last general manager Al Bartholet retired from the position in late December 2012 and is now the Folk Alley director. Skinner is a well-respected member of the NPR community, Bartholet said.

“He has a great track record at the stations that he has worked at,” Bartholet said. “I certainly wish him all the best and think he’ll be a great GM for the station.

Lyndsey Schley is the academics reporter for the Daily Kent Stater.

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