Kent State campus studies with Chegg

Haley Phillippi

Chegg is an online student hub that offers an array of education materials, said Chegg communications manager Angela Pontarolo.

“Chegg offers textbooks, access to online homework and college matching tools,” she said.

Chegg will be offering Kent State students free online homework help through Dec. 9, as well as 24/7 access to free textbook solutions and help from subject experts.

Pontarolo said Chegg chose 100 college and universities across the nation to receive this free help. Kent State was chosen because of its location and because Kent State students are frequent Chegg costumers.

Chegg started out as a textbook rental company and expanded to include all the services they currently provide.

“Our whole goal is to help students save time, save money and get smarter,” she said. “The goal of study week for finals is to be where students are and [to] help them when they need it most.”

For more information about Chegg online homework help students can visit the website.

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