Opinion: Four years of Obama fears

Jody Michael

Jody Michael

Jody Michael is a senior news major and opinion editor for the Daily Kent Stater. Contact him at [email protected].

In 2010, conservative media said President Obama wants to ban fishing.

“Obama’s latest assault on your rights — He wants to ban sport fishing,” said a blog post to which Fox News linked. “No more fishing,” Glenn Beck said on his television show. “People are losing their rights.”

Beck has also said the Obama administration “would like to force doctors” to perform abortions; that Obama wants to “reverse the Constitution” and “is going to declare war on the Supreme Court”; that a plan leading to “world communism” is under way; and that the administration is “coming after me,” reminding them, “thou shalt not kill.”

After the Gabrielle Giffords shooting, Beck said politicians are “pushing a ban on certain symbols, a ban on guns, a ban on talk radio,” and that Obama “will slowly but surely take away your gun or take away your ability to shoot a gun, carry a gun. He will make them more expensive; he’ll tax them out of existence.”

Beck said net neutrality laws would put the entire Internet under complete government control.

“Please share that with your friends on the Internet,” Beck said. “Please, while you have access to the Internet.”

He also said Obama will declare tea parties to be terror groups so that he can take away their members’ civil liberties, holding them indefinitely without due process.

Back in 2008, Newt Gingrich told ABC that if Obama defeated John McCain, “you’re going to have an effort to eliminate freedom of speech for Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity.” Gingrich has also said the Obama administration “would, in effect, over time, abolish 401(k)s.”

After the 2010 midterm elections, Limbaugh said “Obama is going to act just like Hugo Chavez.” He later wondered on his show if Obama will “go Hugo Chavez on Big Oil” and nationalize the oil companies.

Fox News’ Dick Morris said the Obama administration wants to “take over any company in the financial sector he wants” so he can “fire the management, wipe out the stockholders’ value, fire the board of directors and sell off the company.”

Colleague Stuart Varney said it will “coerce or force us all into buying the small cars that it insists Detroit puts out.”

CNN pundit Erick Erickson declared that Obama has decided to “ban college internships.” He also said Obama will hold senior citizens hostage — “shoot his hostages,” rather — by withholding their Social Security checks.

National radio host Michael Savage told a caller, “I think Obama will empower the racists in this country and stir up a race war in order to seize absolute power.” He also said Obama “promised” he will “replace the military” with a “private military force that reports only to him,” the likes of which Savage said have not been seen since Adolf Hitler.

Cincinnati radio host Bill Cunningham said, “Obama wants to gas the Jews.” Sacramento radio host Mark Williams told a Tea Party rally, “Barack Obama wants to depopulate the countryside and make us ride around on bicycles.”

None of these things have happened.