Letter to the editor Nov 15, 2012

Calvin Carstensen

I was very pleased to learn of the survey about a possible smoking ban throughout Kent State, as was reported on the front page of the Nov. 13 edition of the Daily Kent Stater. Therein I noted, “The Ohio Board of Regents has recommended a total ban throughout Ohio’s public universities and community colleges because of health concerns.” The purpose of the article was to support a campus-wide survey being administered through FlashLine to all students, faculty, and staff. Not included in the survey were the senior guests, volunteers, and benefactors of Kent State. So, for me, my best means to weigh in on this topic is to write a letter to the DKS. Here goes:

For the sake of health, common sense, and the elimination of an ongoing litter problem, there needs to be a total smoking ban throughout Kent State. I mean a ban to include smoking outside as well as inside the buildings. The messages about smoking on the doorway signs on the buildings are not being followed. Just one look at the mess of all the cigarette butts and spent packs landed next to any doorway proves it. I have no idea what is supposed to happen should one call the 800 number to cite violations, but for sure no enforcement authority is going to arrive within the period of some student smoking a cigarette standing or sitting less than the required distance from the door!

I live only a mile from campus, but Kent State is my home. Kent State’s students are my extended family! Since the spring semester of 2000, I have been continuously enrolled as a senior guest on the Kent Campus. That is, without exception, I have audited between three and nine credits every fall and spring semester throughout this period. I also became a licensed pilot through Kent State’s flight training clinic program. For the past five years, I have coached Kent State’s Precision Flight Team as a volunteer staff member. From my perspective at age 70, there is nothing to be gained by accommodating anyone of any age choosing to smoke. With Kent State’s smoking policy as it currently stands, the university is doing just that. Let’s cut it out — now.

Calvin Carstensen, Franklin Township