Opinion: Seeing the stars



Celia Fernandez

Celia Fernandez

Celia Fernandez is a sophomore news major and columnist

for the Daily Kent Stater.

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The skies are covered in bright stars, from the Big Dipper to the North Star. All the bright points shine down looking like little traffic lights millions of miles away. This was the sight I had when I first got to really see the stars out on a farm in West Jefferson, Ohio.

In New York City, there is no such thing as really seeing the stars because of all the pollution that goes into the atmosphere. Another reason why it’s nearly impossible is because there is no such thing as darkness; everything is always lit up and there are light poles everywhere.

According to the American Lung Association, New York City ranks 15th for ozone pollution among cities in the United States. During the day, the skies are usually sky blue and full of clouds, but at night they are very dark, and you can only see a few bright points in the sky.

Big metropolitan cities like New York or Beijing could bring their pollution levels down by recycling and disposing of hazardous materials safely. The most important thing is to reduce the use of gases and materials that emit high levels of carbon dioxide into our atmosphere.

I wish it were easier to see the stars in New York because it would allow for people to go out and really enjoy the planet we live in. It’s important for New Yorkers to be able to explore different areas in the city, and seeing the stars could be something that enhances that.

Stars are our connection to what a lot of us know as the zodiac signs. Each zodiac has a constellation in the sky that makes up whatever that symbol is. A lot of people in our society believe in whatever their zodiac says and don’t realize that the study of astrology is surrounded by the belief in astronomical phenomena and human events in the world.

Being able to see constellations, comets and meteor showers is something that I dream of because it’s not something I get to see every day when I’m back home. Because I can’t see them every day, I enjoy taking a moment to look up at the sky and really savor the sight.

For all of you star lovers out there who want to know more about how stars or the universe works, I would recommend taking Seven Ideas that Shook the Universe and Frontiers of Astronomy.