Festival of the Arts promotes students’ arts awareness


Flash in the Pan, a group of steel drum musicians, performed at the Festival of the Arts in Risman Plaza October 11. Photo by GRACE JELINEK.

Cassie Smith

For the Festival of the Arts, the Art Club decided to allow others the opportunity to be the pawns in a life-size Sorry! board game.

Club members drew the board with sidewalk chalk in Risman Plaza. Participants rolled large dice and wore hats to look like the pawns.

“Art is more than 2-D. Art’s 3-D. It’s life, so we wanted to do something that got people up and moving,” said Danny Likar, freshman crafts major and Art Club member.

The Art Club was one of several groups at the Festival of the Arts Thursday from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. in Risman Plaza. Student groups of all types were out recruiting new members.

“It’s really just a way for students to know that art is happening all over campus,” said Ellen Kirtner, public relations and marketing graduate assistant for the College of the Arts, about the festival.

The performing arts box office was another group who attended the Festival of the Arts.

Odell Morgan, junior fashion merchandising major, who works in the box office, urged students to see the shows because they have already paid to see them with the new arts fee.

“It gives the chance for the peers to actually come out and support their peers and also keeps the art program alive here at Kent State University,” Morgan said.

Luna Negra is a creative arts magazine that publishes students’ submitted writing.

At its table, students were asked to choose a noun written on a slip of paper from a basket. They were then supposed to build a sentence around that noun. The end result was a story comprised of sentences, each one written by a different person.

“A lot of thought goes into writing, and so to come over and think about the meaning of a word and try to put it into a poem that everybody’s working on is just kind of a fun collaboration,” said Alicia Jordan, junior visual communication design major and designer for the magazine.

The group, Students Striving to Enhance Technical Theatre, was also promoting itself at the festival. The organization is comprised of theatre majors and minors who volunteer backstage for shows. The group hopes to induct more backstage volunteers.

“We hold workshops about building portfolios and résumés,” said J.J. McAdams, a BFA technical theatre design major. “We’ve got lighting students and sound students and set students and prop students and stage managers and just all sides of theatre, but we come together and we make the show together.”

In addition to learning about the different groups, students could get free food, henna tattoos and listen to different bands throughout the day.

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