Opinion: Master debating

Jake Crissman

Jake Crissman

Jake Crissman is a sophomore English major and columnist for the Daily Kent Stater. Contact him at [email protected].

Tonight at 9 p.m. is the vice presidential debate. Democratic incumbent Vice President Joe Biden will take on the Republican candidate, Paul Ryan. The last time that Biden debated was in 2008 against Sarah Palin, whom he destroyed. That debate was the second-most-watched debate aside from the Reagan-Carter debate.

This one’s sure to be popular as well but probably won’t rake in as many viewers. I’m looking forward to seeing Biden take down Ryan the same way that he took down that phony Palin. Biden is more than just a pretty face. He knows his stuff. He’s not the bumbling, cursing fool that most people take him for. Besides, there are so many holes and erroneous views on social issues in the Romney/Ryan plan that it won’t be difficult to point out and exploit them.

This election is very important, whether you’d like to think so or not. The party responsible for the turmoil that the country is in is trying to claw its way back into the White House. It’s imperative that we as Americans become proactive about our government and watch the presidential debates, regardless of party affiliation, to see who will do what to this country of ours.

My immediate thought after watching last Wednesday’s presidential debate was, “Well done, Mitt. You did good, kid.” I am by no means a Mitt Romney supporter, but to be honest, the guy impressed the hell out of me, starting with his opening joke about how on President Obama and his wife’s anniversary there was no more romantic place to be than in a room with him.

Overall, I think both candidates held their own that night. Both were calm, cool and collected. But the fact that everyone had such low, or really no, expectations of Romney and then to see him perform as well as he did really gave him the edge. Supporters of both Romney and Obama won’t go changing their vote after watching that first debate, but the undecided voters just may have taken a step closer to Romney.

I had seen some rally speeches by Romney before. Not from the Republican National Convention – which I didn’t watch, nor did I watch the Democratic National Convention, because gatherings like those just make me sick – but mostly from around the time of his appointment of Paul Ryan to the ticket.

Over the summer I watched Romney and Ryan on some C-SPAN channel while they were in Iowa, I believe, or maybe Minnesota. Ryan was walking around the town, like Jesus in Jerusalem, as large crowds flocked to him just to get a glimpse of this young Republican redeemer. Then he took to the stage.

The two of them really are great public speakers. They’re a strong one-two punch when they speak together. I’m reasonable enough to recognize this and give credit where credit is due, even though the words which spewed like stinking diarrhea from their mouths was hard for me to watch and not vomit all over myself in disgust.

The future is now. The decisions we make today shape tomorrow. So tune in to the presidential debates and see what both sides are all about. And then, like Dr. Steven Brule would say, “get the heck out there and vote, ya dingus!”