Walking for physical and mental wellness during COVID-19


Students walking on Kent State’s campus, 2020. 

Megan Medfisch Reporter

As COVID-19 cases continue to increase, daily walks can be beneficial for students’ mental and physical wellness. 

More gyms may close for the winter months, so gym-goers may need to turn elsewhere to get exercise.

Walking is the ideal pandemic activity, according to National Geographic, and can help strengthen the immune system, soothe joint pain and reduce the risk of developing certain cancers.  

Walking outdoors, on a treadmill or up and down the stairs of your home is a safe and effective way to get daily physical activity.

Daily strolls are also shown to lessen back pain, lead to healthier arteries, reduce risk of heart failure and benefit your metabolism, according to the UC Berkeley School of Public Health.

As many people face stress during the pandemic, walking also helps with mental health. It can lead to a better mood and reduce stress. Creativity boosts result from walking as well. A 2014 study found that students felt more creative after walking, and that it “opens the free flow of ideas,” according to the Journal of Experimental Psychology.

By bundling up and taking a daily walk around your neighborhood, while staying six feet from others and wearing a mask, you can improve your chances of staying physically and mentally healthy this winter.  

Megan is a health and fitness reporter. Contact her at [email protected].


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