LIVEBLOG: Vice Presidential Debate

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DKS/TV2 Reporters

2012 Vice Presidential Debate – Joe Biden and Paul Ryan

Final Thoughts

Clear contrast of styles. Biden much more animated (until the abortion discussion started) while Ryan much more level. Both candidates very technical to the point of being wonky. Interesting to see such a long discussion on abortion and more interesting to see the entire mood of the debate change when the talk started. Raddatz did a masterful job moderating. Kept time close to even and asked good questions. Overall, a much more substantive debate than what we saw last week.

So who won? Does it matter? Will the polls continue to favor Romney or did tonight help Obama get back on track? Let us know by voting in our poll and commenting both here and on Facebook. We’ll have full coverage in tomorrow’s Daily Kent Stater, on TV2 News at 5:30, and on Portage Pulse Sunday at 11:30 AM on TV2. The next presidential debate is Tuesday night at Hofstra University in New York. Thank you for joining us for our debate live blog!