Letter to the Editor Oct 24, 2012

Joe Bialek

It has often been said (and written) that a person’s vote for an incumbent should be based on what he or she believes that candidate has done to benefit them personally. Well, for the first time in my 49 years on this planet, I can honestly state that I personally benefited from the actions of the president, Barack Obama.

Because of him, I am an official HAMPster. It may have taken two and a half years along with a lot of blood, sweat and tears (well, maybe not blood, unless you include paper cuts), but the effort required to jump through every financial hoop possible proved to be more than worth it in the end. The interest rate on my mortgage is now the same or similar to what is being offered on the refinance market today.

In full disclosure, I supported Hilary Clinton for the Democratic nomination back in 2008 and became somewhat disillusioned and embittered by her defeat. Still, in all, Obama has done very well in staying the course for our economy, all the while being gridlocked by a party that offers no alternative ideas of its own.

As for Mitt Romney, he appears to be the Dagwood Bumstead of American politics. One pratfall after another leads me to believe that this is the last person we need in the White House. As the old adage instructs, “think before you speak.”

Romney’s overreactive quips demonstrate a pattern of someone who clearly has not thought the issues through, but rather views public service as a business, something to be tinkered with until the right outcome is achieved and then on to the next issue at hand.

I can recall Richard Nixon admonishing Ronald Reagan’s “war on the poor” as too severe even for his standards. Romney’s policies will be far worse and drive this country even deeper into division than even the rich are willing to risk.

This election is about a definite choice between someone who represents the few who have never had it so good, and someone who represents the many that know we can (and will) do better. His name is Barack Obama, and he deserves another four years.

P.S. The loss of “Sesame Street” in favor of Wall Street does not resonate well with Main Street.

— Joe Bialek, Cleveland