Letter to the Editor, Oct. 12

B.V. Hegde

I had the privilege of listening to Craig Romney, son of Gov. Mitt Romney, at the Kent Victory Center. After listening to him, I am sure for whom I’ll be voting in the coming election.

During the Olympics, when there was a $400 million deficit, Gov. Romney reluctantly agreed to try a scary thrill-seeking event called skeleton sledding to raise funds for the Olympics, as a result of which he had holes in his shoes. During a TV interview a few days later, he was seen wearing the same shoes with duct tape on them to cover the holes.

At home, if the kids turned the thermostat up during the winter, Gov. Romney would turn it down. If his kids were taking a long shower, he would knock on the door and tell them to get out of the shower.

At the end of Gov. Romney’s term, the Olympics and Massachusetts deserved gold medals for their success story. They both erased their deficit and ended up in surplus in spite of reducing taxes in Massachusetts.

During his leadership at the Olympics and as governor of Massachusetts, he refused to take any salary, as the state of Massachusetts was also in deep financial trouble.

As president, I am convinced that Gov. Romney would donate his salary to the U.S. Treasury to reduce the national debt.

For the sake of our kids and grandkids, please vote.

– B.V. Hegde, Kent