Our View: Campaign celebration success

DKS Editors

Editor’s note: This editorial has been updated to include the source of the $240,000.

When we learned the university was offering two-for-one ticket discounts for its Centennial Campaign Concert on Saturday, we worried that the first Dix Stadium concert in 25 years would be a dud.

But about half of the available seating was filled, and the standing-room section was packed with fans singing and dancing to Los Lonely Boys, O.A.R. and Sheryl Crow.

To meet its goal of attracting a diverse audience to the fundraising celebration, the university did a great job of bringing diverse performers. Students, parents and grandparents were in the crowd — some traveling all the way from cities like Columbus and Pittsburgh.

The total cost of bringing the talent was $240,000, paid for by sponsorship money, ticket sales and concession sales. Let’s not wait 25 more to have a concert like this again.

The above editorial is the consensus opinion of the Daily Kent Stater editorial board.