Flooded apartment tenants waiting to move back

Christina Bucciere

Students’ town houses affected by the floods in Whitehall Terrace Monday will be back in one piece by Friday, said Shannon Kleinman, Whitehall Terrace Property Manager.

The 15 units that were affected were cleaned Sunday. Wet carpet and debris were removed and cleaners “were back again [Tuesday], continuing to run fans because we can’t put anything back in until we’re sure it’s completely dry or you will have a moisture issue,” Kleinman said.

The resident who was displaced to the vacant apartment until repairs could be made will be able to move back in by Friday as well.

“It looks like probably Thursday that their new ceiling will go up and then carpet will go in Friday,” Kleinman said.

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The cause for the flooding in Engleman Hall has now been determined to be “leaves in the window well, which caused the drains to close up and water backed up,” said Betsy Joseph, Director of Residence Services.

Joseph said maintenance was scheduled to remove the leaves Tuesday.

Housekeeping returned to the apartment this afternoon to secure that everything was cleaned and suitable for the students to return to their home.

Residence Services is working with the students assigned to the apartment to find out when they would like to return. As of now, “the apartment is ready for occupancy,” Joseph said.