Kent State sets new enrollment record

The Fall 2012 15-day enrollment numbers are out in a university press release. Over its eight campuses, Kent State University’s Fall 2012 enrollment is 42,513. This is up 328 from last year’s 15-day enrollment numbers, setting a new enrollment record for the university.

The Kent campus increased by 2.85 percent to 27,706 students. For regional campuses, 14,807 students are enrolled.

This year also welcomed Kent State’s smartest freshman class, with a 3.27 average grade point average.

“Kent campus retention is 77 percent, up 2 percent from last year,” said President Lester Lefton in a press release. “[…]We’re also offering more tutorial services and doing more student outreach.”

Retention of undergraduate studies students increased 4.3 percent from last year.

Other highlights from the Fall 2012 enrollment:

-International student enrollment is up 19.1 percent to 2,217 students.

-Graduate enrollment has increased 10.05 percent.

-Kent State’s College of Public Health increased to 676 students (a 428 percent growth since its launch in fall 2010).

-Kent State’s School of Digital Sciences has grown to 97 students from the original three from last fall.

-Kent State’s newest college, the College of Podiatric Health, now has 430 students.

TV2 KSU will have the full report tonight, Tuesday, September 11 at 5:30. Check back on for more updates.