Students from Amity University School of Communication in Noida, India visit Kent


Coty Giannelli

Smrithi Kuchhal, Harshit Walia, from Amity University in Noida, India, and Melinda Yoho, a photo illustration student, talk after the welcoming of students from Amity University. Kent State students who studied abroad in Spring 2012 will be helping the Indian students report on local stories. Photo by Coty Giannelli.

Drew Woyat

Kent State welcomed a group of students from Amity University School of Communication in Noida, India to Moulton Hall Monday.

The Amity students visited as part of the International Storytelling class offered by the School of Journalism and Mass Communication. The Indian group consisted of 16 students and two advisers.

Stanley T. Wearden, dean of the College of Communication and Information, addressed the newly arrived students.

“I’m very excited,” Wearden said. “I obviously care about schooling. I studied abroad as a student, and I really came to value that experience.”

Amity student Madhuri Adlatha spoke about women and social security in India during the event.

“This is my first trip to the United States, and I am so excited,” Adlatha said. “It’s so clean and so nice. This is a sight we don’t get to see in India.”

Last spring semester, Kent State sent 18 students and two advisers to Amity to write stories comparing Indian culture to American culture. The Amity students will be doing a similar project to compare American culture to their home cultures. Students at the event expressed special interest in food, theatre, cheerleading and football in the United States.

Amity student Surbhit Jain discussed football and sports culture with the Kent State students at the event.

The sports culture here is so amazing, and everyone is passionate about it,” Jain said.

The Amity students arrived in Kent Saturday afternoon. The students’ first stop was at Cedar Point, where they experienced the “Halloweekend” events at the amusement park.

Kent students who went to India were invited to help host the Amity students around Kent and repay their hospitality. Before the ceremony, Kent students caught up with some of their Amity friends from the trip.

The Amity students will be in Kent for two weeks. During that time, they will write their stories while experiencing Kent and the surrounding area before concluding their visit to the United States with a three-day trip to New York City.

“It’s been two days and already I’m loving the United States of America,” said Ankita Batra, who hosted Kent State students in her home when they visited India in Spring 2012. “This experience has already changed my life.”

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