Sheryl Crow concert lacks student support



Sheryl Crow performs at Eric Clapton’s Guitar Crossroads Festival at Toyota Park in Chicago, Illinois, June 26, 2010.. Photo by William DeShazer/Chicago Tribune/MCT.

Matt Orszag

Kent State University is still offering two-for-one ticket discounts for its Centennial Campaign Concert, which will take place at Dix Stadium Saturday at 6 p.m.

Valoree Vargo, Director of Donor Services, said the discount was set to expire Sept 4. for Kent State students, but will now be available through the end of the day Friday.

All chair-back seats have sold out, but more may become available. General-admission bleacher seats for students are two tickets for $20, while field access is two for $30. General admission for the public is still available for $35.

The concert lineup includes the Los Lonely Boys performing at 6 p.m., O.A.R. performing at 7:30 p.m. and Sheryl Crow performing at 9 p.m.

The total cost of bringing the talent to Kent State is $240,000, Vargo said in an email.

“We had no expectations,” Vargo said, regarding initial projected ticket sales. She said she expects total ticket sales to be 4,000 to 5,000 by the time the concert begins.

“I’d be thrilled with 5,000 and more thrilled with 10,000 (seats filled),” Vargo said. “With ticket sales students tend to wait until the last minute. We wanted to offer our supporters a better price. Ticketmaster tends to charge extra fees.”

Vargo said it has been 25 years since the stadium last offered a live concert and would like to see the stadium being more utilized.

People who paid full price for their tickets received the “best seats available” and will not be reimbursed at the discount price, Vargo said. Proceeds benefit the Campaign for Change Scholarship Fund.

Dix Stadium has a maximum capacity of nearly 28,000 seats, while the MAC only offers seating for about 6,000.

The performers were chosen as a “cross-section” so that the concert would appeal to a broader audience, Vargo said.

Senior English major Sarah Watt said she bought the tickets at the discounted price and is taking her mom to the concert.

“She’s really excited to see Sheryl Crow,” Watt said. “The concert appeals to more people my mom’s age.”

Dana Jones, freshman fashion merchandising major, is another student who bought tickets at the two-for-one price and is going with her roommate.

“I like all the performers,” Jones said. “I’ve heard of Sheryl Crow and listened to a few songs and thought it would be something fun to do.”

Jeremy Herbert, freshman electronic media production major, said he wouldn’t be attending the concert, even at the $20 two-for-one discount.

“That’s 20 more reasons not to go,” Herbert said. “I’m not really interested in the bands. The tailgate holds more appeal than the concert to me.”

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