Kent Democrats support President Obama at watch party

Christina Suttles

Students said they felt inspired after watching President Obama accept the nomination to run for

reelection at the Democratic National Convention Thursday.

A viewing party, held in the Student Center Cyber Café, and hosted by the KSU College

Democrats and the Black United Students encouraged students to get involved in the president’s

reelection campaign.

Students watched — occasionally cheering and chanting “four more years” — as the president

made his case for a second term at the Time Warner Cable Center in Charlotte, N.C.

“The truth is, it will take more than a few years for us to solve challenges that have built up

over the decades,” Obama said, his words echoing throughout the Student Center basement, as

students listened intently.

Bryan Staul, President of the KSU College Democrats, said that he found the president’s speech

refreshing and was moved by the president’s acknowledgement of the work yet to be done in his


“I think it was a throwback to the Obama we elected in 2008,” Staul said. “I think that it was

incredibly rare to hear a politician take responsibility for his actions.”

Some popular topics among attendees included tax-breaks, renewable energy, health care,

women’s reproductive rights and college affordability.

Students said that the president’s optimism gave them faith in a brighter future and they

appreciated the overall tone of the speech.

“He wasn’t as negative as the other candidates,” Clarence Hood, a junior history major said.

“He focused on what he would do for the country and not what other candidates are doing


Other students felt that President Obama made an honest attempt to appeal to their unique

situations during his speech.

“My favorite part was that he reached out to everybody,” Roslynn Porch, director of community

affairs for Black United Students said. “He reached out to people who are old and who are

young. People our age tend to get left behind and he’s trying to reach out to as many people as he

can and I really appreciate that.”

Several students mentioned that while the president’s speech was an inspirational one, it lacked

logistics. This, they said, had them eagerly awaiting the upcoming debates for a chance to see

their preferred nominee discuss what he has planned for America if he were to be reelected for a

2nd term.

Christina is student politics reporter for the Daily Kent Stater

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