Guest Column: Handling of Obama visit embarrassing

Kevin White

Update: This article was mistakenly titled without the “Guest Column” header. This is a submitted column from a non-DKS staff member, and his views are separate from those of the Daily Kent Stater and

Like me, many of you probably stood in line for hours to get tickets to see President Obama. To top it off, you probably stood in line for hours to get into the M.A.C. Center to see Obama. And like me, and the thousand people behind me, you maybe didn’t make it into the M.A.C. Center after waiting three hours.

The College Democrats shouldn’t be proud of bringing Obama to Kent State (because, let’s face it, they didn’t have anything to do with it). They, along with the Kent State administration, should be embarrassed of the planning for the event.

Not only were hundreds upon hundreds left out, many students were told that if they volunteered, they wouldn’t need to wait in line to get a ticket. Unfortunately, those students were then told that there were no more volunteer spots and were left without tickets.

The Democrats will blame the campaign, and the administration will blame the fire marshal for not allowing more students into the M.A.C. Center. But amazingly enough, only a fixed amount of people can fit in the M.A.C. Center.

Knowing neither the administration nor the Democrats can effectively manage the most important visitor to Kent State in 100 years, how can they do anything? Maybe we should change our unofficial slogan to “Kent read, Kent count, Kent State.”