Your guide to going out

Graphic by Allison Struck

Graphic by Allison Struck

Rachel Hagenbaugh

When the college environment gets rowdier than normal, area police can call in backup … and sometimes that backup comes from the Brimfield police department. In a recent Facebook post, Oliver joked with college students to share a few going-out tips. “I just wanted to poke a little fun and have a clear-cut direction of expectations of behavior,” he said.

Sweet Treats

Empire on Main Street offers everything from murano glass jewelry to amber and rose perfumes. It’s also a good place to grab a homemade truffle or cupcake. Try the $3 Irish Carbomb Cupcake, made with dark chocolate Guinness batter, Bailey’s Irish buttercream frosting and Jameson Whiskey mousse.

Date Night

With its casual atmosphere and rustic American cuisine, Bistro on Main is an attractive place for a couple to share an evening together. Entrees range from $11 to $23.50, so opt to split a pizza and grab one of 15 speciality martinis or 20 craft beers.

Safety Tips

Charge your cellphone before going out.

Look out for each other at the bars or parties. Make sure friends don’t wander into private areas with people they don’t know.

Walk in well-lit areas, and don’t take shortcuts.

For those old enough to drink, eat something before going out.

Date-rape drugs still exist. Watch your drinks at the bars and house parties. Stay away from pools of pre-mixed drinks.

Know the signs of alcohol poisoning. Don’t assume friends are going to sleep it off because sometimes they don’t wake up.

Signs of alcohol poisoning

—cold, clammy, pale skin

—slow, shallow, irregular breathing

—semiconscious or unconscious

—awakening with urgency to vomit

Don’t become so impaired that you can’t control your actions. Be aware of your limits when consuming alcohol.

If students are going to carry pepper spray, they should know how to use it. Practice spraying it at home to get used to the feel and smell of it so there aren’t any surprises during an already stressful situation.

Tips courtesy of Michquel Penn.

Cheap Drinks

The Brewhouse, the only 18 and older bar in Kent, is the place to go to stretch a dollar. New to the menu this semester is the bar’s signature beer Mclovin Lite, which costs 49 cents per mug or $1.99 for a pitcher. Stop in Tuesday when everything — drinks, shots, mugs and bottles — is $2, or Thursday for $2 Long Islands.

Late Night Munchies

Whether students are in the mood to pig out or trim down, Munchies Market in Prentice Hall has something for everyone. During the week, this late night mini-supermarket is open until 2 a.m. and offers a selection of cereal, chips, Lean Cuisines and other frozen dinners, daily made sushi, donuts, deli sandwiches, candy and other snacks.

New Eats

Last semester, 157 Lounge added a sushi bar to its already unique downtown location. From 4 p.m. to 10 p.m. the popular bar spot is a laid-back, family-friendly restaurant serving food imported daily from Japan. Most of the menu’s items, which include baby octopus, squid salad, sashimi, maki and more than 20 sushi rolls, are less than $10.

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Amanda Crumm, safety reporter, contributed reporting.