H2O Christian church group kicks off semester

Matt Lofgren

Students joined together Wednesday at the Kiva for the H2O Christian church group’s kickoff event.

H2O Director Anthony Giambroni preached the message of a “church for your journey” to freshmen and seniors alike. Members discussed how even at college religion can still be a big part of a student’s life.

“We call ourselves a ‘church for your journey,’ meaning wherever you are on your spiritual journey, H2O is a place for you to come and feel welcome,” Pastor Jason Slack said. “It’s full of people who have never been to church or not even looking for a church necessarily, but also for people who grew up going to church.”

H2O has held a presence on campus by posting flyers, participating in events and helping freshmen move in.

“We just want to be able to introduce what we are as a group to kind of welcome people to our community,” H2O member Katey Yinger said. “That’s our goal: To be a community and to give people a home away from home, so this is an introduction to what we offer.”

Tarsis Sousa, senior bio-tech major and Brazilian exchange student, said he found a home at H2O.

“(H2O) has taught me a lot about God and about fraternity just to your community and be able to trust people,” Sousa said. “I’ve gotten to meet people that actually want to help you grow and learn about how to be in college and how to behave yourself, so it is a really great experience.”

Freshman psychology major Kelly McKay said she was looking for a church in Kent and would consider joining H2O.

The church offers services at 5 p.m. Sundays in 133 Bowman Hall. Students can worship as well as participate in bible study.

H2O will be sponsoring another group event 7 p.m. Friday in Tri-Towers.

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