IFC gives freshmen first look at fraternity life


Corn Hole, football, volleyball, and other games were played at IFC Takes Over Tri Towers, an event scheduled for freshmen to meet the fraternies on campus. Photo by Jacob Byk.

Alice Dunaway

The Interfraternity Council held its first recruitment event Saturday at the Tri-Towers complex and courts.

“The event is targeted at anyone who wants to join a fraternity, make some friends and have a good time on campus their freshmen year,” said Alex Wigoda, junior aeronautics major and member of Kappa Sigma. “I joined my freshman year and it’s fun. It’s not all about partying. We do a lot of service.”

Fraternities set up tables and tents, allowing students to ask questions and gather more information about the various chapters.

“The tents work well because a lot of kids just came up and asked what was going on,” said Ryan Mills, sophomore English major and member of Phi Kappa Tau, said. “It breaks that barrier since they can just come up.”

Paul Miller, sophomore justice studies major and Kappa Sigma rush chair, found that the location and hanging out on the basketball and volleyball courts created an informal atmosphere.

“It gets people out here doing fun things on a nice day. We’re out playing catch and just having a nice time,” said Landon Foster, sophomore business management major and member of Alpha Tau Omega.

Miller said he agrees.

“It’s nice that the Tri-Towers are right in the middle of campus. You have three different dorms right there and people stopping by Rosie’s,” Miller said. “Most people, when they come to Kent, are looking for people to meet and hang out with. This makes it more comfortable and easier for people to warm up to us.”

IFC members hoped the event would help answer any questions potential members might have.

“It gets rid of the stereotype that you have to be a certain type of guy to join a fraternity,” Miller said. “Each one is different, but we all have that same sense of brotherhood.”

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