Classes every student should take before graduation

Marissa Eisenbrei

The transition from high school to college can be difficult, especially when it comes to choosing classes on your own terms. Kent State offers thousands of courses that are available as core classes, so how do you know which ones to choose?

Current students offered their favorite classes to take. Some are interesting, some are fun and some are an “easy A.” All of them can be taken as an incoming freshman and can go toward completing the Kent Core requirements.

Seven Ideas that

Shook the Universe

This class is one of the most popular courses students take in order to fulfill a basic science requirement. It is a non-mathematical physics course.

“It was cool to see how different ideas changed our whole universe,” said Nate Miller, senior business management major. “The planetarium show was pretty cool, too.”

Human Sexuality

This class explores the role and meaning of human sexuality throughout the life cycle for self and society.

“I wish I could have taken this class twice ­— and sooner,” said Alexis Host, senior justice studies major. “I actually looked forward to going to this class because it kept my interest.”

Child Psychology

This class goes towards the social sciences requirement, and it teaches students the effects different types of parenting have on children.

“It was cool to see the effects of different parenting techniques and how much they impact children’s lives while they’re developing,” said Angela Ruiz, junior pre-human development and family studies major.

Intro to Human


With the traditional requirements, an additional six hours is required from any category. Some students choose Intro to Human Communication. This class teaches students the basics of communication and also how to prepare speeches.

“I’m not big on public speaking, but I’m glad I took this class,” said Brad King, junior public relations major. “It was easy, and it helped with my writing and speaking skills.”

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