Board of Trustees approves contract for tenured and tenure track faculty


President Lester Lefton and Dean Thomas V. Melillo tie a ribbon, symbolizing the College of Podiatric Medicine becoming a college at Kent State on Aug. 8. Photo by Matt Hafley.

Drew Parker

The Kent State Board of Trustees met Wednesday for a special meeting at the new site of the Kent State College of Podiatric Medicine in Independence, Ohio. During the meeting the board unanimously voted to approve a new contract for tenure track instructors, entitling many professors to over a year’s back pay and financial benefits.

The three-year contract starts Aug. 23 and will expire in August 2015. Under the contract, tenured faculty will receive a 2 percent increase applied retroactively to the start of the 2011-2012 academic year and will be guaranteed a 2 pay percent increase for each remaining year of the contract.

Board Chair Jacqueline Woods said she thought the teaching faculty would be pleased with the decision.

“There will definitely be financial benefits for the faculty,” Woods said. “We’ve been in negotiations about this for over a year, and now the faculty will be able to focus on the upcoming school year.”

The university hosted a ribbon tying ceremony after the board meeting to signify Kent State’s union with the former Ohio College of Podiatric Medicine. The college became part of Kent State on July 1.

The Kent State partnership will allow podiatry students to be involved in Kent State sports, use the university library, and utilize various other resources.

During his speech at the ceremony, President Lester Lefton said the marriage between Kent State and The Ohio College of Podiatric Medicine will benefit both schools.

“Whether it be a marriage between two people or two institutions, similar values are important,” Lefton said. “Podiatry students will be able to use all of Kent State’s various resources and the program will benefit Kent State.”

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