At-home exercises gaining popularity

Rachel Pryately

Gym memberships can become expensive and they can be crowded and then there is the problem about getting there and finding parking, so the option to exercising at home is more appealing.

Laura Romance, a personal trainer, said many machines in a gym can be adapted with household objects to be done at home.

Shopping bags or sports bags can be filled with a desired amount of weight to do squats and lunges and various arm exercises. Bricks and milk bottles filled with water can also help with adding weight to different arm workouts, including raised push-ups.

Another household item that can be used is your television. There are tons of workout DVD’s out there, so exercising at home never has to get boring with the same program. DVD’s are nice because they can be uses them whenever. They are a one-time purchase, so there is no worrying about paying for membership fees.

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