Kent/Blossom opens with “Magic Mozart”

Marissa Eisenbrei

The Kent/Blossom Music Festival opened its 2012 Faculty Concert Series with “Magical Mozart!” June 27.

Miami String Quartet, accompanied by Jerry Wong on piano, performed a three-part show featuring music by Mozart. This is the first time the group performed an entire show featuring only one composer.

“If we’re going to only perform with one composer, we might as well make it a great one,” said Keith Robinson, a Kent State assistant music professor, Miami String Quartet member and Kent/Blossom Music director.

The evening opened with a full house. Benny Kim, violin, and Scott Lee, viola, opened the show with a three-piece duet. Kim said his favorite part of the quartet is performing for an audience.

The two performed “Adagio and Allegro,” “Andante Cantabile” and “Tema Con Variazioni (Andante Grazioso).”

After the last song ended, the audience immediately applauded. Kim and Lee bowed and exited the stage. When they returned, two other members of the quartet accompanied them: Keith Robinson, cello, and Cathy Robinson, violin.

The quartet played four songs with closed eyes and subtle smiles on their faces.

After intermission, there was a piano quartet section. Together, they played three songs.

The audience applauded with enthusiasm, smiles across their faces. Keith Robinson said he values the audience’s opinion of the performances.

“Performances are always the best thing about what we do,” Robinson said. “If there’s no one there, then why practice?”

Miami String Quartet was originally invited to perform at Kent State more than 20 years ago. They also taught for a few weeks in the summer. Eventually they were asked to become full-time faculty members. Two of the quartet’s members, Cathy and Keith Robinson, still teach at Kent State. Kim and Lee are from Kansas City.

The quartet will begin to tour in the coming weeks.

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