Bent Tree Coffee a success on KSU campus

Ryan Lewis

Editor’s note: It was reported that Bent Tree Coffee has been sold across campus since the spring semester. At the request of representatives from Dining Services,we would like to clarify that the coffee has been sold by the bag in campus markets. However, the most recent development is that Bent Tree Coffee is now available by the cup exclusively in Kent Market on the first floor of the Student Center.

Since its inclusion on the Kent State campus during the spring semester, Bent Tree Coffee Roasters have been doing very well, Dining Services director Richard Roldan said.

Bent Tree is owned and operated locally by Kent State graduates Ryan Brannon and Mike Mistur. Roldan said the partnership between Bent Tree and Kent State is because it allows the university to support not only a local organization, but also a high-quality product.

“Bottom line, they have great coffee,” Roldan said. “No ifs, ands or buts about it. The fact that they’re a local company and graduates of Kent State made it a win for everybody.”

Roldan said Kent State has doubled its coffee sales on campus on that unit alone.

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