University Libraries to launch new website

Erin Vanjo

Students can expect to see a new University Libraries website some time in July 2012, according to a newsletter.

The new website will still feature all the resources, tools and services the library offers, but in a more engaging setting for its audience, the newsletter said.

University Libraries performed various methods of research on the current website, including focus groups, card-sorting exercises, surveys and wire-frame testing to understand what the library can do to improve the website.

This research also helped University Libraries understand the needs of the libraries’ website. According to the newsletter, understanding these needs led its team to creating goals for the new site.

One of these goals is to connect the libraries’ site with the rest of the university’s web presence. Another goal is to simply make the new website more user-friendly. The final goal is to create opportunities for University Libraries to reach new audiences.

University Libraries will look for additional feedback during a formal usability test in June before the new website goes live.

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