Archives commemorates the Civil War

Erin Vanjo

The Civil War exhibit in Special Collections and Archives will be viewable again starting June 18.

There are two exhibits in commemoration of the 150th anniversary of the American Civil War.

“Since it’s the anniversary, we want to highlight some of our own collection,” Diane Sperko, communications and marketing director for university libraries, said.

The first exhibit features material from Special Collections and Archives Civil War holdings, which include personal papers of Ohio soldiers and Union Army officers, memoirs, biographies, poems and other literature related to the war. There is also material related to Civil War crime and prisoner-of-war camps. Original issues of Harper’s Weekly that showcase illustrations of battle scenes and other wartime events are also featured.

The second exhibit is called “A Nation in Mourning: The Assassination of Abraham Lincoln.” It includes archival sources from the time of Lincoln’s assassination in 1865. One of the highlights of this exhibit is a large photograph of an engine that escorted Lincoln’s funeral train through Ohio as part of the burial processional from Washington, D.C., to Illinois.

These exhibits are open to the public and located in Special Collections and Archives at University Library on the 12th floor.

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