Student-run fashion magazine makes campus debut

Spring 2012 issue of A Magazine.

Spring 2012 issue of A Magazine.

Christina Suttles

The university’s first student-run fashion publication, “A Magazine,” hit newsstands throughout campus for the first time Thursday.

Taking inspiration from magazines like “W,” “Vogue” and “Interview,” the first issue of “A” focused primarily on personal aesthetics. From edgy black and white stills to personal profiles about Kent State fashion students, A Magazine hopes to bridge the gap between journalism and fashion.

“I just think it’s a really great opportunity for the journalism and fashion school to collaborate,” Emily Inverso, senior news major and managing editor of “A,” said. “There’s always been an interest in fashion journalism among students … It’s really been coeducational on both sides.”

Nicole Aikens, senior news major and editor-in-chief of “A,” said that though she wouldn’t consider herself a fashionista, she thought it necessary to give a voice to those who are.

“We started doing the Fashion Blitz page [in the Stater], and we liked it a lot and were really impressed with it,” Aikens said. “So we decided that because there is not really a fashion magazine or anything that really reaches that audience, it would probably be a good time to start one.”

Aikens said that though this edition of the magazine was a project for a select group of interested students, she is open to contributions from other students in the future.

“There will definitely be opportunities for people to contribute,” Aikens said. “If people are writing things for classes or if they’re interested then it’s absolutely an option.”

She also said that she is expecting to leave room for pop culture and women’s issues in next year’s publication.

The magazine is slated to come out once next year, though the staff is not yet sure of what is in store for “A.”

“You kind of have to prove yourself as a magazine in order to be taken seriously,” Inverso said.

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