Kent Fashion Week premieres at 157

Artwork submitted by David Siedlarczyk.

Artwork submitted by David Siedlarczyk.

Danielle DeBord

Students of the fashion school will be hosting their first ever Kent Fashion Week from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m Thursday through Saturday at 157 Restaurant & Lounge.

In the past, students hosted a student-run fashion show to display their collections, but this year they decided to make it more of a presentation, said David Siedlarczyk, senior fashion design major.

“It’s another chance for us to display what we worked so hard on this year,” Margaret Bedell, senior fashion design major, said.

There are 42 senior fashion designers presenting their collections — two presenting at a time for 30 minutes.

Siedlarczyk said the presentation was for the fashion students to display their work for longer than the few minutes they’re typically shown on stage.

“It won’t be like a fashion show,” Siedlarczyk said, “It’ll be more like a gallery exhibit.”

The seniors also showed their collections in the annual Senior Fashion Show: “Mobius: Twisting the Evolution of Fashion.” For the show, there was a panel deciding what pieces of the collections were used in the show, but for Kent Fashion Week the students’ whole collection will be displayed.

“It sounded like a really great opportunity,” David Siferd, senior fashion design major said of why he decided to participate.

“It’s kind of like the final chapter of the year,” Siedlarczyk said.

Kent Fashion Week is a completely student-run and student-organized event, and is free and open to all ages. It’s technically not a fashion school event, but only Kent fashion school students are showing collections, Siedlarczyk said.

Siedlarczyk was a part of the group of students who had regular meetings to organize Kent Fashion Week.

“Without efforts of everyone,” he said, “this would not have been done.”

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