Student interest in protests drops

Rex Santus

Protests against the new $440 course overload fee are dwindling in numbers.

Tommy Walsh, senior political science major, said Wednesday that he had organized a protest and rally from 2 to 5 p.m. Thursday at Risman Plaza.

From around 3:30 to 5 p.m., there were no visible protesters at Risman Plaza or inside University Library.

Walsh did not attend the slated protest because he had other responsibilities, he said Thursday. He said he spoke to “a few” people who planned to protest today.

Junior theater studies major John Liptak, who had served as the spokesman of the group protesting the fee, said last Thursday he intended another protest to take place this Thursday at the same time and place.

“I literally just came up with the decision [to protest again] a few minutes ago. It’s got to happen again,” Liptak said at last Thursday’s protest. “Look how many people we have here. Look how many people are so passionate about it. It would be insane to not have another protest … More and more people are hearing about this. Why the hell not?”

Wednesday, Liptak said he was not attending any protest because of his academic priorities.

“The physical protest of the movement is suspended,” Liptak said. “Due to the stressful time that we as students are in, there are other priorities that must be addressed first and it makes no sense to fight against this new fee if terrible grades would put anyone in academic jeopardy.”

Levi Shamp, freshman hospitality major, said he was unsurprised student interest in the fee had dropped this week.

“I feel our generation has become very lazy about fighting for what they believe in,” Shamp said. “I feel like [the protests] are just going to fizzle out. It’s just a fad.”

Allison Carr, freshman exploratory major, said she agreed student involvement with protests will continue to fade away.

“The protests are not going to do anything. Nothing’s going to happen,” Carr said. “Things are going to stay the way they are.”

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