KSU alumnus returns for speech and book signing

Stephanie Black

Kent alumnus Kip Petroff will host a discussion and book signing for his legal thriller novel, “Battling Goliath: Inside the $22 Billion Legal Scandal,” Thursday.

Petroff, who is also an attorney, graduated form Kent in 1980 with a bachelor’s degree in psychology. Petroff will return to Kent State to speak about his life travels and to receive the Distinguished Honors Alumnus award on Saturday.

His speech, entitled “Battling Goliath: From Class Action to Social Action,” will include topics such as his life journeys, newly released novel and his inspiration from Kent State.

During his time spent at Kent State, Petroff crossed paths with Professor Bernard Tabbs, who he said inspired and guided him through the Wyeth pharmaceutical scandal, the biggest drug scandal in known history.

“He wasn’t just an English teacher, he was a phenomenon,” Petroff said. “I’ve kept recordings of his lectures and listen to them regularly. They helped me through the biggest case of my career and the biggest known drug scandal.”

Petroff will be sharing his recordings of Tabbs during Thursday’s speech.

He said Tabbs’ inspiration stayed with him long after winning the trial.

“Following Tabbs challenge, I used my winnings to give back to the community,” Petroff said. “I found an abandoned gas station in Dallas and transformed it into a community center.”

Petroff is an exceptional man and wonderful Kent State success story, said Lisa Mascellino, assistant director of outreach.

“He has spend his entire legal career helping consumers who are physically injured,” Mascellino said. “He is a great man. All the money generated from the legal thriller goes directly to the New Hope Foundation.”

The discussion will run from 5:30 to 6:30 p.m. in the Kiva. The book signing will follow immediately after the discussion.

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