Guest director discusses upcoming production “Nathan the Wise”

Megan Confer

Get a glimpse behind the scenes and hear from Ami Dayan, “Nathan the Wise” guest director, at 2:15 p.m. Tuesday in the EZ Black Box theatre in the Music and Speech building.

Joe Clark, university libraries assistant professor, said the purpose of the event is to give the audience a chance to hear from the director about his or her personal experiences working on the show.

“Oftentimes the director will set the stage by talking about the work, their interpretation and what motivated them,” he said.

Clark said Dayan will also be available to answer any questions, which will allow him to provide little-known information about the production.

“When the director of ‘Hamlet’ was talking about ‘Hamlet,’ he said, ‘I had three scripts that I read through and I worked from each of them,’” Clark said. “Some of it he cut. So what made him decided to cut this and not that? And how did he put everything together? The way you have all these creative people come together is pretty fascinating.”

Clark said Dayan also will be talking about how everyone works together for the production and the different roles they play.

“You can go see it and then it jazzes you up for the production,” Clark said.

The event is free and open to the public.

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