Student indecision over FlashFest headliner Third Eye Blind

Chrissy Suttles

Undergraduate Student Government announced this week that Third Eye Blind will be headlining FlashFest later this month. While many students are eagerly anticipating the ’90s chart-toppers’ return to Kent State after more than four years, a few are worried that the band is outdated.

“I mean, I like ’90s music and I feel there a few of us that still have that ’90s music at heart, but I was surprised they were headlining,” said Nick Rupe, senior mathematics major. “I think it would appeal to a small minority of us. I don’t think it’s necessarily a good choice.”

Other students question the definition of what constitutes an old band.

“I see nothing wrong with bringing in an ‘old’ group.” said Ashley Sroka, senior educational studies major. “If Journey was to come, everyone would be stoked because everyone loves them still. Just because Third Eye Blind isn’t ‘modern’ per se and isn’t as well known as someone like Journey, that doesn’t mean they still aren’t a great blast-from-the-past for those who appreciate their music.”

Many just think that the presence of Third Eye Blind at Kent State is too familiar.

“I really think they should try and get someone else, Third Eye Blind was at Kent State about four years ago,” another student said.

Jeff Hammond, director of programming for Undergraduate Student Government couldn’t be reached for comment on USG’s decision to book the band.

FlashFest will start at 4 p.m. on Thursday, April 19 at Manchester Field on campus.

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